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Smoken Silent Suppressors

Discover a revolution in shooting with Smoken Silent Suppressors. Fed up with the incessant noise disrupting your field experience? We get it. As seasoned hunters, we embarked on a seven-year journey to redefine silence in the industry. Meticulously studying standards, we crafted suppressors that excel in quietness and top-notch quality, all without breaking the bank. Our dedication led us to the best-built, whisper-quiet suppressors on the market. Join us in turning down the volume and enhancing your shooting escapades. Smoken Silent Suppressors is where silence seamlessly meets precision.


Smoken Silent Suppressors

As gun enthusiast and hunters, we had gotten sick of the noise and all the hearing protection and decided we wanted to do something about it. We started our research by looking at the industries best suppressor companies. We liked what we were seeing but said we can make something of the same great quality but quieter and sell it at a fraction of the price.

So that’s what we did. We started designing, manufacturing, and testing hundreds of different baffle stacks & produced the best built, quietest suppressors on the market.

What Makes Us Unique

Suppressed Superiority

Upgrade the hunt with our quieter, serviceable, and super-light suppressors. Precision and power unite for unmatched performance.

What We Do

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Customer Stories

I recently purchased a high-tech suppressor from Smoken Silent Suppressors, and I must say, it’s been life-changing for me. The quality and craftsmanship exceeded my expectations. The suppressor not only tamed the noise but also added a touch of precision to my shots. As a seasoned hunter, I appreciate a reliable firearm, and this purchase has become an integral part of my hunting gear. Kudos to Smoken Silent Suppressors for delivering a top-notch product that stands tall in Texas.

John Dawson

I convinced my dad to get me a suppressor from Smoken Silent Suppressors. Best decision ever! We hit the Texas woods, and guess what? Bagged my first deer, and it was a blast. The high-tech suppressor kept things quiet. Perfect for bonding with Dad and having the time of my life

Sarah Martinez

Yo, got a suppressor for my first gun from Smoken Silent Suppressors, and I’m stoked! I wanted something cool, and this gun is just that. It’s high-tech and sleek, and the suppressor makes it feel like I’m in a movie. Shoutout to the Smoken Silent team for snagging me my first gun. Can’t wait to hit the range and show this baby off!

Jake Williams

We make our customers
Smile a little brighter.


We make our customers smile a little brighter.


Experience speaks for itself throughout our services.

Contact Us

Reach out to us with your inquiries or to experience the hush of Smoken Silent Suppressors. Your journey begins with a simple click or call.

2219 Patterson Industrial Dr.Pflugerville, TX 78660

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